Conservation Methods for marrons and chestnuts


One of the oldest techniques for the conservation of the chestnuts is immersed in water for 6-8 days, an operation that causes a slight fermentation which allows the product is kept for longer.

At the end of hydration continue to dry well and ventilated, taking care not overlapping to avoid warping. In the early days moved regularly to prevent the bottom of the marrons remain moist. Once dry will be preserved for around 2 months. Chestnuts treated in this way are recognized for having the darkest color.

The ricciaia

Hedgehogs falling before reaching its point of maturity and still showing the hedgehogs with long extremes, with special pliers are collected, stacked and covered with leaves to retain moisture, and the fruit content in them, penetrating the skin of marrons and keep them. In this way, the chestnuts may be maintained in a good state of preservation until the period of birth.


one of the most used methods in the past to preserve the chestnut and marrons is the drying, operation developed in rooms called dryers.

Drying takes place in rural areas in small buildings, often partially buried, comprising of two environments: a roof rack or placed at a certain height, where the nuts are dried and a lower compartment, where the fire is lit. The extent of the smoke and hot air dried chestnuts, to complete the process requires 10 to 30 days.

To Dried chestnuts is easy to remove the skin and are marketed as fruit or as a feedstock to produce the chestnuts fluor.

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