Roasted Chestnuts

Who has not eaten in autumn roasted chestnuts, which are sold on street corners?.

To roast the chestnuts first cut the outside skin of the chestnuts, to avoid the gases are formed during cooking makes them "explode" and then set the bottom of the pan, stirring occasionally to that of evenly cooked on both sides.

We recommend you to cut the outer skin ongitudinally to facilitate the separation of itself and the flesh of the fruit during cooking. General Council of the grandmother is wrapp the roasted chestnuts in a woolen cloth and let stand a few minutes, this also favors the elimination of the skin.

In the case of peasants from alpeninos they prepare roasted chestnuts in a pan with a long handle that allows brown out directly to the flame, which goes into the holes in the skin of chestnuts, this is called "burned or grilled". The ability to cook with this technique is to rotate on a regular basis using a technique similar to that used to skip the pasta in your favorite long handle pan...

To prepare roasted chestnuts is better the small size chestnuts which favors a more rapid and uniform cooking

The roasted chestnuts can be tasted in "off season", to preserve the chestnuts store in the freezer remembering to remove the outer layer to freeze before putting to freeze